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(UP TO EI120 - 120/120)

Walls of Glass are one of the top installers of fire-rated glass systems, impact glass, mirrors, switchable glass

and safety screens.



Do you remember the old days when people raised their voices or you had someone with a “distinctive” voice in your office – which often left you with very little option of privacy? Now for a modest financial outlay, your staff efficiency can be optimised due to adding acoustic protection along with the ability to add privacy of separate office spaces. We offer lots of acoustic options and many privacy options including powered switchable glass, integral blinds or film applied manifestations.



Walls of Glass offer a specialist glass fitting service to the auto trade. Our car showroom glazing can include frameless glazing, impact glass, mirrors and painted back glass. Stunning customer areas can be created using our frameless glazing systems. Whether it is a whole new showroom or renovation project, Walls of Glass offer glazing of the highest quality to the auto trade. We offer external glazing work, glazed office partitions and mirrored walls. Working hand-in-hand with architects and project managers we supply and install glazing for many dealerships across the country.

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Make your sales area stand out by making sure every aspect of your showroom is absolutely perfect.  Brand-new glass panels and partitions are an excellent finishing touch to help showcase your amazing goods to your customers whilst allowing maximum light - call Walls of Glass so we can supply and fit the very best glazing for you. We have installed our systems in many dealerships including Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar LandRover and many more..



Our switchable glass offering is either a manufactured glass with the switchable film laminated within the glass which provides a longer lasting product and avoids "bubbling" of standard applied films. A special factory process ensures an extra transparent switchable film/glass product. It provides instant privacy whilst maintaining flows of light through and between rooms.

We can also provide sealed double-glazed units which have the film within the cavity for residential property requirements (don’t let people tell you simply applying a film on external windows is okay - it isn’t!) We also use the very latest PDLC technology for our films

Switchable glass, as its name suggests, is operated by a simple electrical switch, controlling the opacity of the glass from clear to translucent. It can easily be integrated into automation systems too like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, giving you even more control.


Fire rated glass is vital if you are looking to meet current building regulations for a variety of property types, both domestic and commercial. Make sure your buildings are safe and up to code - choose us to provide the highest quality fire-rated glazing systems at an extremely competitive price. We supply fire rated systems up to 120min fire rated (EI120)



Walls of Glass Limited supply and install the highest quality mirrors and back painted glass. These products  include standard glass mirrors for use in bathrooms, washrooms, gymnasiums, etc, using the best quality 4mm and 6mm glass along with acrylic, polycarbonate and impact resistant mirrors. We only use the best adhesives or mechanical fixings to ensure that your mirrors are safely fixed/secured in all commercial/residential applications.

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Our demountable glazed office partitions offer a fantastic solution to create a flexible working environment. Walls of Glass moveable glass and solid panel wall systems are an excellent aesthetic and flexible divider between working spaces in many environments from offices, exhibition complexes, hotel, health and education environments where flexibility in open spaces is required to maximise space.

The panels can move on a top or bottom track via parallel bearing trolleys. The panels are designed to be stacked according to requirements and can be locked into position.

Various aluminium profiles can carry toughened or laminated glass and we also provide the option of having the glass “permanently frosted” or have manifestation film applied should privacy be required.

These systems allow the user to use the maximum space and then divide for reasons such as meetings, seminars, training etc. We can also provide solid panels with laminate or veneered panel finishes. All our panel systems are BS tested and available from survey to install in as little as 4 weeks.

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Glass films, sometimes referred to as glass manifestations, are one of the most cost-effective and easiest ways to ensure you are up to date with the latest glass manifestation legislation and comply with current building glass manifestation regulations.

Adding glass films or manifestation to glass not only stops people walking into your glass and comply with DDA/Building regulations but can be a great opportunity to improve privacy or even showcase your corporate identity within your organisation for visitors and staff – fancier designs are on the increase and as such, we have increased our design team to be able to design and source more options for our clients.

Manifestation film is generally thought of to be applied to all glass surfaces which include glass partitions, glass doors and screens to ensure that the possibility of someone walking into the glass and suffering injury (or embarrassment!) is greatly reduced. But the opportunity to use these areas for showcasing a corporate identity is often missed.



Our Mellophone speech panels do not impair vision or speech as they pass through a special membrane ensuring communication isn’t sacrificed with our safety screens. Germs, dust and draughts are stopped by the clear membrane helping keep your staff and customers safe from airborne particles. The toughened glass screens with aluminium track work are quickly installed and easy to clean. Walls of Glass safety screens are much more durable and aesthetically pleasing than cheap wobbly Perspex screens making your business look professional whilst keeping employees and customers safe at all times.



Walls of Glass Ltd offer both vertical office blinds and roller blinds. Manufactured in the UK from fabric that complies to BS5867-2: 2008 fire safety standards they are perfect for commercial environments.

Our office blinds can be supplied with either standard 228g/sqm or heavier 369/g/sqm blackout materials depending on the feel required. Our vertical office blinds can be supplied with 89mm or 127mm slats to suit the window frame and our office roller blinds can be manufactured up to 3m wide. They come with a slimline white headrail as standard but other colours are available such as black, brushed aluminium and anthracite grey.

Operated with either a control wand or chain and cord as standard or even with a motor and remote control to add an element or luxury. With 26 shades available for both vertical blinds and roller blinds we can match your office décor or your corporate colours. Controls can be put on either side for convenience and tracks come in a range of colours.

We offer a comprehensive range of roller blind systems including open or cassette in white, black, anthracite grey. With a choice of spring loaded mechanism, pull cord or even remote control to add a touch of luxury. The benefits of our quality office blinds include privacy, anti-glare and heat retention making them great value for money. Please note all colours shown are indicative purposes and may vary due to the device you are using to view them.

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