glazed office partitioning

Glass Office Partitions and

Glass doors

Our Walls of Glass Frameless Glass Partitioning Systems are a clean and modern solution for the modern office environment.  By splitting or dividing office space, you can allow natural light to filter through to each area, which is essential for a light and airy working environment. Our glass office partitions and glass doors offer many benefits including ease of cleaning, privacy, light transfer and much more.

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showroom glazing

Impact Glass

Walls of glass install impact glass into settings such as retail showrooms, schools and colleges and areas at risk of impact damage. Glass in its annealed form, framed and intact is not an immediate threat but when it is broken, the long shards turn into effective cutting devices with sharp edges with momentum. Fortunately glass can be modified to change these properties and reduce the risk of injury dramatically. There are standards and codes of practice that state where impact resistant glass must be used but the list of locations is not exhaustive. Anywhere where there is a risk of human contact should be evaluated for the potential risk of breaking glass. We offer laminated, toughened, toughened laminated and ballistic/burglary glass options.
fire rated glazing

Fire Glass and Fire Screens

Walls of Glass Limited are a specialist installers of Promat Fire Rated Glazing Products and would happy advise and discuss your requirements can advise you in the areas regarding the integrity and insulation of our glazed fire screens. our fire glass and fire screens go into care homes, offices, colleges and schools and many other settings.



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operable and moveable office partitions

Demountable Partitions & Moving Glass

Walls of Glass Limited have a wide range of interior frameless, framed and structural glazed partitioning system options. Walls of Glass Limited can advise on what system will achieve your requirements as well as able to compile NBS Specifications. We pride ourselves on the quality of our partition systems that we have partnered with Nelso Partitioning, a long established manufacturer of high quality partitioning systems for over 20 years. Their design and innovation keeps us at the forefront of the glazed partitioning market. With systems providing acoustics and fire ratings, we can cover almost all scenarios. So if you are looking for some office partitioning for practicality, aesthetics or performance then please contact our office so we can assist you with establishing the exact environment and achieving the ever important budget.
Glass Walls

Switchable Glass

We are pleased you have chosen Walls of Glass for your project, the best choice for quality and reliable switchable smart glass solutions. We are dedicated to providing our customers with not only the very best PDLC products on the market, but also the very best expert support and after-care advice, enabling you to easily maintain your investment, keeping it in great condition for longer.

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Internal Blinds

Interal Blinds offer a cost effective option to providing privacy to an office when needed. With a quick turn of a knob, the blinds are tilted and privacy is assured as the blinds are engaged. We also offer a battery powered remote control version which includes a small motor in the blind head which allows the user to close or open the blinds without leaving their chair! Blinds can only be installed in our Double Glazed systems only.

Internal Mirrors

Commerical Mirrors 

Walls of Glass offer commercial mirrors for washrooms, gyms, salons, car handover bays and just about everywhere in between. We cant make your office look quite as good as Peles Castle but we can enhance your office space by enhancing your natural light but not with the use of smoke and mirrors just quality mirrors. Why not choose back painted glass an option?

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Manifestations & Glass Film

Manifestation or glass film applied to glass is the minimum requirement to be complaint with current health and safety rules and regulations. Application of even the standard DDA compliant dots or squares will ensure that there are no bumped heads by emphasising to all that there actually is a “Wall of Glass” in place as they can see the manifestation. Why not tailor make yours to have your corporate colours or Logo? Contact our office for more info.

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