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Residental Installations by Walls of Glass Limited

We often forget to post up our smaller projects. Yes, we do small projects too and many residential property installations!

Firstly, here is a small installation we completed in Castleford. The requirement was to give the occupier a break between their open plan living room and the adjoining hallway. Due to space contraints, we advised on installing our WG25 and Easy Slide top hung sliding glass door which negated a door opening either into the hall way or living space. Instead of a bulky handle, the client opted for a "finger pull hole" which was cut into our toughened glass and polished to make it smooth to the touch.

We were recently asked to install a frameless glass door at a residential property in Manchester. The brief was to have a double door mounted within the opening from the kitchen to the hallway - but to have them closed or held open, depending on their mood! We used our WG25 system with two single frameless glass doors mounted on our hyraulic self closing hinges which also hold open when at 90 degrees. The customer also wanted the "Industrial" look using our critall bars. functional, practical and pleasing to the eye!

Next, a very simple glass door with vinyl banding to a house in Wakefield. The client wanted the light provided from the french doors in the conservatory to extend into the living room in this fabulous cottage. We used our WG frameless Glass door with a vinyl banding (we were worried the cats may remove the aluminium bars with their claws!) The door was mounted in the existing timber door frame on our hydraulic self closing hinges which allows the doors to close gently as well as be kept open for the additional heat in summer.

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