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Fire Rated Glazed Partitioning

The importance of fire safety in any building can never be overlooked. Glazed Fire screens offer a practical, compliant and aesthetically pleasing way of offering fire protection. You only have to look at the recent Grenfell Tower disaster to realise how critical fire safety is. Grenfell has helped bring this to the forefront of people’s consciousness and priorities during planning stages. Our expertise in fitting fire rated glazed screens means you can trust us with this highly technical aspect of glass fitting. Using fully trained glass partition fitters our service can be trusted.

It is essential that buildings include fire resistant walls for partitioning within buildings and enclosed compartments, especially to provide a protective fire barrier for the safe passage or access to the nearest fire escape.

Walls of Glass take every installation seriously as there is no room for mistakes when it comes to fire systems and protection. Building Regulation requirements for use such as offices and factories, generally require a minimum of 30 minutes or 60 minutes fire resistance rating to any partitioning within these areas. 

Here at Walls of Glass, we have a range of timber, steel and calcium silicate capped fire rated glazing  which still allow the benefits of a minimal frameless glazed systems providing excellent light transference whilst still achieving tested fire ratings of up to 120120 Integrity and Insulation (EI120) to comply with building regulations.

Walls of Glass Limited are proud to be an authorised Promat installer and offer their full range of high qualiry, tested fire rated products including screens and doors with the full “360 degree Wheel of Assurance” to support our installations. 

With fire protection there can never be any doubt or compromise about standards or product performance.

Promat fire rated glass and glazing systems provide proven and assured levels of fire protection and, backed by a wealth of testing and third-party certification that complies with or exceeds UK and European standards.

Robust Fire Testing

Fire tests on elements of building construction have been carried out in accordance with a number of British and European test methods. The BS 476 series used in the UK and many other countries where British Standards are traditionally used, is being gradually superseded by European (EN) fire testing standards which are used in the European Single Market. Visible recognition of these is given in Approved Document B: 2006 and national equivalents in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The adoption of European standards is intended to remove technical barriers to trade in Europe. The international fire testing standard, ISO 834, is similar to the other standards and is in the process of being revised to bring it more in line with the European standard.

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