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operable and moveable office partitions

Moveable Glass and Solid Panel Wall Systems

Our demountable glazed office partitions offer a fantastic solution to create a flexible working environment. Walls of Glass moveable glass and solid panel wall systems are an excellent aesthetic and flexible divider between working spaces in many environments from offices, exhibition complexes, hotel, health and education environments where flexibility in open spaces is required to maximise space.

The panels can move on a top or bottom track via parallel bearing trolleys. The panels are designed to be stacked according to requirements and can be locked into position.

Various aluminium profiles can carry toughened or laminated glass and we also provide the option of having the glass “permanently frosted” or have manifestation film applied should privacy be required. These systems allow the user to use the maximum space and then divide for reasons such as meetings, seminars, training etc. We can also provide solid panels with laminate or veneered panel finishes. All our panel systems are BS tested and available from survey to install in as little as 4 weeks.

Some of our more popular systems include fully glazed panel systems, acoustic systems, concertina systems as well as traditional folding panel systems. We can provide fire rated and acoustic options to suit most environments. 

Traditional Demountable Glazed/Solid Partitioning – WG Trimwall

Walls of Glass Trimwall is a modular aluminium relocatable partitioning system. Cost effective, attractive and available in both glazed and solid panels. Walls of Glass Trimwall is a class leading performance system offering a wide range of technical achievements, including 60-minute fire rating and 41 dB Rw using 6mm glass.

With an overall panel thickness of just 90mm this solution offers a robust but contemporary demountable partition system. Walls Of Glass WG Trimwall is compatible with all other Walls of Glass WG partition products.

The construction is designed to incorporate concealed fixings with no need for any wet trades. The partition cavity can accommodate electrical and mechanical services. Manifestations and graphics can be applied to the glazed modules to suit, and/or integral blinds can be fitted with either manual or electric controls.

Our traditional framed partitioning systems comprise steel stud and track framework with aluminium cladding sections which allow the system to easily incorporate plasterboard and glazing options together. Providing proven fire rate to 120/120 in Solid, 60/0 in Glazing and acoustic abilities to 51dB in solid / 41dB in glazing, the benefits of these systems include avoiding the usual “dry-lined” wall options so the installation is quicker, cleaner and will also allow it to be truly demountable/relocatable should you wish to reconfigure your office in the future. 

The system offers numerous interchangeable sections to provide seamless integration between solid panels and glazed modules. We can provide manifestations or even mullion controlled horizontal blinds in our double-glazed systems. We also have a range of door set options including full height, standard height with fanlight options with both single glazed, double glazed acoustic glass doors and timber doors. Systems provide acoustics from 34Rw(dB) to 43Rw(dB) and up to 30 minutes Fire Rating.

We are always looking at innovative solutions to improve the integration with our systems and existing walls which keeps this product one of our most highly specified.

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