Our Mission Statement

“Our mission is to make Walls of Glass your preferred partner in providing you, our valued customers, continuous high quality and compliant interior glazing products, innovative partitioning systems and solutions along with a “World Class” service by consistently fulfilling and improving on your expectations and requirements…”

We understand the need for our customers to know what they are getting and that the product is designed and fully compliant for its role. We not only like to install our glazing products but relish the chance to work closely with our customers to find the right solution for interior glazing requirements.

That’s where our team of experienced and knowledgeable staff create a journey from initial conception through to a completed installation. A comfortable, light and impressive office environment is essential for the well-being of all employees and we love creating exciting interiors. Our aim is simple – to provide you with the best solution which complies, looks exceptional and compliments the environment where it is situated – World Class service is what we achieve….

Although a relatively new venture, our team have amassed many years’ experience within the glazed interior industry and are able to provide a compliant, cost-effective solution from minute one – We don’t overprice and drop discounts to suit, you get our best price from the moment we price your enquiry. No margin on margins, we source our materials and systems ourselves to ensure you get the best option and price without the need for value engineering.

“Creating Exciting Workspaces..”

Moveable Glass Panel Wall Systems

Moveable glass wall systems are an excellent aesthetic and flexible divider between working spaces in many environments from office complexes, health and education environments where flexibility in open spaces is required.

The panels move on a top or bottom track via parallel bearing trolleys. The panels are designed to be stacked according to requirements and can be locked into position.

Various aluminium profiles can carry toughened or laminated glass and we also provide the option of having the glass “permanently frosted” or have manifestation film applied should privacy be required. These systems allow the user to use the maximum space and then divide for reasons such as meetings, seminars, training etc. We can also provide solid panels with laminate or veneered panel finishes.

Frameless Glazed

Our Frameless Glass Partitioning Systems are a clean and modern solution for the modern office environment. Splitting or dividing office space to allow natural light to filter through to each area is essential.

Minimal depth glazing channels used in our frameless glass channels in single, narrow and double glazed configurations ensure a minimally visible framework along with the latest crystal clear dry joints provide numerous acoustic and fire rated capabilities.

We also provide aluminium framed or frameless glass door systems to add to the sleek glazed look to make any work environment look amazing. Adding privacy manifestations to comply with DDA regulations or something more in line with your corporate identity – or powered “switchable” glass and integral mullion or remote controlled Venetian blinds, the options are increasing as we design and source more options for our clients.

Our systems are all manufactured in the UK.

Traditional Demountable Glazed/Solid Partitioning

Our traditional 75mm framed partitioning systems comprise steel stud and track framework with aluminium cladding sections which allow the system to easily incorporate plasterboard and glazing options together. Providing proven fire rated and acoustic abilities, the benefits of these systems include avoiding the usual “dry-lined” wall options so the installation is quicker, cleaner and will also allow it to be truly demountable/relocatable should you wish to reconfigure your office in the future. The system offers numerous interchangeable sections to provide seamless integration between solid panels and glazed modules. We can provide manifestations or even mullion or remote controlled vertical blinds in our double glazed systems. We also have a range of door set options including full height, standard height with fanlight options with both single glazed, double glazed acoustic glass doors and timber doors. Systems provide acoustics from 34Rw(dB) to 43Rw(dB) and up to 30 minutes Fire Rating.

Fire Rated Frameless Glazed Partitioning

It is essential that buildings include fire resistant walls for partitioning within buildings and enclosed compartments, especially to provide a fire protective barrier for the safe passage or access the nearest fire escape point. Building Regulation requirements for use such as offices and factories, generally require a minimum of 30 minutes to 60 minutes fire resistance rating to any partitioning within these areas.

We have a range of timber and steel glazed partitioning systems which still allow the benefits of a frameless glazed system excellent light transference whilst still achieving the tested fire rating of up to 120 mins to comply with building regulations.

Our own tested timber minimal framed systems provide up to 60 mins fire insulation and integrity and ability to be complemented with matching timber fire rated door sets.


Mirrors for Commercial Environments

We supply and install the highest quality mirror products which include standard glass mirrors for use in bathrooms and washrooms using 4mm & 6mm glass along with Acrylic, polycarbonate and impact resistant mirrors.

We only used our trained surveyors and installation teams to ensure you get the right product for the right environment every time.

Manifestations Film & Switchable Glass

Manifestation and Switchable film is designed to be applied to all glass surfaces which include glass partitions, glass doors and screens to ensure that the possibility of someone walking into the glass is greatly reduced to avoid potential harm.

We can provide many designs to comply with DDA and Building Regulations. These can be simple dots or squares designed through to corporate designs, logos and full-colour images.

We also have our own range of electrically powered switchable film. Switchable film adds technology to provide instant privacy at the flick of a switch.

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